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Custom Choice Cruisers
It is your Choice You customize it the way you want it
the 4X4 BIGFOOT of wheels

What the cruiser is and isn't

The cruiser is a fun wheel with more tension than most other wheels, the gliders must work at getting them to go around, it is not just a running wheel, but an exercise wheel, It does not run free and smooth , it dances, It is intended to be a fun wheel. It is not a small wheel, it is an oversized one compared to others out there. The track is wide enough that more than 1 glider can play on it at a time. The track is 1/4 " pvc coated wire and each wheel is custom made for you.

The dance action is produced by offseting the wheel itself, and runs on 2 bearings in a separate bearing housing
The cruiser is not like any other wheel, It was designed to be different, We will not down another wheel to promote the Cruiser, as we feel that each wheel has it purpose and the cruiser can be used in the same cage as another type/style of wheel.

Close-Up Pictures Of A Custom Choice Cruiser

Custom options...

Colors - Red, Blue, Yellow, Green, Black, White, Grey or Pink or any combination

Width of track - any size between 3.5 and 5.5 inches
(Colony wheels of 6 inches or more available for an additional fee)

Height from the ground to the bottom of the wheel -minimum 6 inches up to 14 inches (higher is available at additional fee)

Bounce action - Full Bounce, 1/2 bounce or Minimimal Bounce

Cost is 55.00 plus shipping

We also have a Magnet Therapy Version of the Cruiser for an additional 10.00

and a couple of the options are standard

They are Green with a 4 inch running track
You do have a choice in the
bounce action, height of stand, as well as the front center hole

The Magnet Therapy Wheel is 65.00 plus shipping

For now : please send paypal payments to
Please contact Bourbon by Phone  (321-331-1608)  or by email
regarding ordering or if you have any questions The complete website can be found at
Please Note : that this is not a full time business and wheels will be made in groups, on a bi-monthly basis, There may be times when orders are not taken, Delivery times will vary depending on the number of orders .